Research Areas

General Interests:

Complex Systems


Synthetic Biology


Current Focuses:

Biochemical reaction networks: design principles

I want to understand the mapping between structures of biochemical reaction networks and their dynamics and what are the design principles of these reaction networks.

Microbial communities: Eco-Evo

I am interested in studying the ecological and evolutionary dynamics of microbial communities. Exploring the principles that govern such eco-evo dynamics can help us understand better the interplay between evolutionary dynamics and ecological dynamics in general. It also shed lights on synthesis and control of complex microbial communities with desired functions.

Metabolism: evolutionary origin

I study the evolution of metabolic networks in biological systems. Is the current chemical space of all metabolites in biological system selected from long-term evolution? What is the evolutionary landscape of metabolism under different environments. Can we infer the metabolism at its very beginning? Or can we infer the origin of metabolism by exploring the chemical space of metabolism?

Social opinions: dynamics and evolution

I am interested in the principles governing opinion formation of both individuals and crowds. I would like to study and answer what determines the effectiveness of (mis)information spreading and how does information processing in social systems affect opinion dynamics.

Recent Publication

Impact of spatial organization on a novel auxotrophic interaction among soil microbes

The ISME journal, in press.

Core signalling motif displaying multistability through multi-state enzymes

Journal of The Royal Society Interface 13 (123), 20160524

Enzyme sequestration as a tuning point in controlling response dynamics of signalling networks

PLoS computational biology 12 (5), e1004918


BioJazz: in silico evolution of cellular networks with unbounded complexity using rule-based modeling

Nucleic acids research 43 (19), e123-e123